Society Thrives on Wholesome Values

The 1960s gave birth to the Sexual Revolution and western society began to abandon many of the values on which its civilization was based. Western society of the 21st-century reflects dysfunction, immorality, addictions and violence. Family, religious and moral values that were a guide for what is right and what is wrong are being pushed […]

Dutch Masters of the Golden Age Painting

The New Dutch Republic The Netherlands became a Spanish possession beginning in 1556 when its crown passed to the foreign king Philip II of Spain. William the Silent (24 April 1533 – 10 July 1584) was the Father of the Dutch Republic. He was the main leader of the Dutch Revolt which saw The Netherlands […]

6 Things Every American Needs And Deserves!

While, we have always, witnessed, partisan – politics, in some forms, in this nation, it seems, in recent memory, never, to the degree, we see it, today! When, this behavior, transforms itself, into, being, obstructionists, and, little, of consequence, seems to get achieved, and/ or, even, addressed, doesn’t that seem, to be, concerning, the quality […]

Why We Must End The HATRED?

If, you feel, the number, frequency, and severity, of hate crimes, we witness, today, is extremely, concerning, you are, in, good – company, because, many of us, feel, the same way! If, we hope to see a greater nation, we must, sooner, rather than later, stop the HATRED, both, in the nearer – term, and in the […]

Why Our Lost – Nation Must FIND Its Way?

Many, who have, consistently, been proud of, being an American, because of the rights and freedoms, it represents, and the example, we have, previously, set, for the rest – of – the – world, feel, this lost – nation, has lost – its – way, and must, sooner, rather than later, FIND its way, if we are […]